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Instantly transforms the yellow staining amd grime (starboard side) to new boat clean. (port side).

Instantly transforms the yellow staining amd grime (starboard side) to new boat clean. (port side).

From the chemist

I developed NuHull for myself, and my  Champion bay boat, in 2004. I wanted the boat to look new every time I used it. It soon developed yellow stains. I'd clean it with soap, but the stain became harder and harder to elbow grease off. Boating was fun, cleaning became a chore. I work for an industrial cleaning chemical company. My fellow boater and colleague, DON, decided that we could take our knowledge and experiences to develop the chemistry to instantly clean the stain without harsh acids or elbow grease. We developed NuHull -the Strongest Marine Cleaning Power Available to recreational boaters.

As a boater, you have probably tried products that don't work. Most don't work. And, some boat owners have taken the risk with toilet bowl cleaners, muriatic acid, or other hazardous chemicals. Please stop- you are risking your eyesight and damaging the gel coat.

We do have an acid in our formulation. It is an organic acid, not a mineral acid, and reacts much differently and much safer. I know what you are thinking... too much chemistry talk. Point: We recommend the use of safety goggles and gloves when using the product.  

How it works

The science behind our formulation expertise results in a highly effective hull cleaner with an extremely low acid content.  Our proprietary blend of surfactants is what makes our products more efficient, safer, and deliver better results than any leading hull cleaner 

The NuHull Advantage

 #10 Will not damage Fiberglass or Gelcoat

#9 Restores yellowed hulls

#8 More Powerful than retail products

#7 Contains a blend of three acids

#6 Removes hull scum instantly

#5 Brightens and cleans aluminum

#4 Safer than Muriatic acid

#3 EASY to use Spray On & Rinse Off

#2 Made in the USA

#1 Guaranteed – IT WORKS!


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